what is really happening in Gaza – IDF broadcasting on You Tube

 —– Original Message —–

From: Natalia
Sent: Sunday, October 25, 2009 19:34

From: victor ryzhik

Sent: Sunday, October 25, 2009 5:03 PM

 It will only take a minute, and even if you dont want to read it, just click on to it so that UTUBE does not have the excuse they are looking for to cancel the video showing the IDF telling the world what is really happening in Gaza.   By just doing this you can help put the truth out.

The IDF broadcasting on You Tube, presented by Capt. Avichai Adraee, an Israel officer speaking Arabic, showing and explaining in full clarity what is really going on in Gaza and how Hamas terrorists operate from the midst of civilian neighborhood, schools and mosques and how they used a United Nations school as shelter while firing mortar bombs at Israeli soldiers, thus endangering Palestinian civilians&n bsp;…>

 However, You Tube wants to remove this video by using the excuse that not too many people are logging in.  So please watch the video once, twice and three times and also forward this e-mail to as many people so they also log in and the IDF will be able to have its voice heard.

 Just this one time,please send this mail to your entire list to your friend, foes, distant relatives and/or acquaintances.  This rally is most important as the Arab propaganda machine has cranked up and stands to completely drown Israel ‘s position. Thank you.

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