Attention: Guaranteed Downline – Limited Time 5 Days Only.

I’m there now – what about U?
On Mon, Jun 29, 2009 at 6:19 AM, Mike> wrote:
>You are among a select few that have requested Advance
Notice Details of my new opportunity and marketing system
and how you can capitalize on
>Read below for the info from my business partner
>Joel Broughton.
>Mike G

P.S. When you register – be sure to put my name  "Victor Rozentouler" in the "referred by" section of the site.

Guaranteed Downline For EVERYONE That Joins In The Next 5 Days

The Size of Your Downline (and your check!!)
Will Depend On How Quickly You Join… Period.



So why would I build YOUR downline and YOUR business for you anyway?

I am crazy?

Have I gone off the deep end?

No…not exactly.

With this opportunity and company, I am able to capitalize on bonuses and
commissions for helping YOU get paid. This compensation is so unique that
I’ve figured out the "loophole" that allows me to get paid BIG money for
getting you a CHECK.

So, if you join and make money with this, I make money too. So it helps
us both…even if I’m doing all the work. 🙂

You really have nothing to lose, the company offers a money-back guarantee
and I offer you a GUARANTEED DOWNLINE….how can you possibly

If you are going to join anyway, you should do it NOW. The sooner you
join the bigger YOUR DOWNLINE can be. Get in FIRST. Get the BIG
checks. It’s your choice.

Joel Broughton
Elite Marketing Expert

P.S. Even just waiting 10 minutes can put you down 10 – 12 more spots.
Lock in your position now.

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