GRN – Monday CALL – Thursday 11:00am EST – Affiliates Only

Monday – Thursday 11:00am ESTAffiliates Only
The way that you start your day is usually the way in which the rest of your day goes. This call will get you off on the right track to success   You will hear from leaders in the company and in the direct sales industry that have volunteered their time and talent to make sure we grow as a community, united together for one common goal; make GRN the very best travel business opportunity on the planet. 
Your participation is highly encouraged as leaders on the team! 
Monday through Thursday calls are for Members Only and last exactly 15 minutes. 

Format for these calls includes the following:

  • Personal development topics
  • Interviewing a top leader on every call
  • Recognizing success in people bring out people within GRN that are achieving results to tell their story of how and what is working for them in the business
  • Tips and quote of the day
  • Company business (should there be any news) I call this Housekeeping
  • Business management  ideas, techniques, and motivation that  may  consist  of:
    – Prospecting
    – The 3-way
    – Staying productive
    – DMO Daily Method of Operation basic planning your day events
    Lead generation and flow
    – Leadership
Your GRN Support Team

G L O B A L   R E S O R T S   N E T W O R K
22601 N. 17th Ave. Suite 230
Phoenix, AZ 85027
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